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A powerful energy source that produces more than it consumes may finally be within our grasp. We’ve highlighted 5 early investment opportunities to take advantage of the extraordinary potential in this disruptive technology. The Financial Times calls it “the fuel of the future” and Bank of America says it’s an $11 trillion market just getting started. However most people are in the dark and risk being left out of the biggest investment trend of the decade. Be sure to sign up to receive your free report today and stay in the know with our popular daily newsletter, Godesburg’s Haven Investment Letter.

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Dr. Gregor Bauer’s Two-Stroke Trader

Experience world-class win-rate trading with Dr. Gregor Bauer – the expert when it comes to certifying professional analysts worldwide. Members will benefit from this hard-working PhD who has spent 35 years of his life achieving a win rate that exceeds some of the most successful athletes of all time. With his unique Two-Stroke strategy, he recommends you only spend half of what you typically would on a trade. This way, in case of market downturn, we can ignite the second stroke and purchase more positions at a more favorable price. Thus enhancing our profit potential!



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Garrett Baldwin’s Negative Momentum Report

Expert economist Garrett Baldwin has been closely monitoring market momentum. He uses an easy to understand green, yellow, red system to categorize the current momentum investors are experiencing. For the majority of the first half of the year, market momentum has been BLOOD RED. In his latest report, Garrett explains the best ways to bet against stocks while defining your own risk. He goes into great detail on how trading during negative momentum can actually be more lucrative than trading during positive market momentum. 

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