Dr. Gregor Bauer's Two-Stroke Trader

Dr. Gregor Bauer is one of Germany’s top economic experts and most popular financial gurus. Godesburg Financial Publishing brought his knowledge to a U.S. audience in 2020. His two part strategy zeroes in on Smart Money moves and issues trades to capture gains before the talking heads even know what’s happening. But he doesn’t stop there. While Dr. Bauer works to lock in massive gains for his readers, he always includes a hedging plays in case of market downturns. His track record (all verified by a 3rd party) reflects the success of his strategy. Since the launch of his service in June of 2020, he’s recorded a staggering gain of 900% vs. the S&P’s gain of 30%. That’s including winners AND losers. 

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Garrett Baldwin's Geopolitical Risks Report

Johns Hopkins trained economist Garrett Baldwin has spent 20 years tracking geopolitical risk and conducted risk assessment projects in 27 countries. While monitoring global events that most people overlook, he’s put together a red-hot report you need to read immediately. This report contains detailed insights for the global markets in the energy, telecom, transportation, financial, and agricultural sectors around the world. The question isn’t whether or not these events will happen – but rather at what magnitude. Garrett has included a watchlist of six stocks poised to benefit from each of the geopolitical threats discussed. These aren’t stories you’ll read each week in Barron’s or see significant coverage across the mainstream financial media, these are major events that could sideswipe traders and investors unless they take action RIGHT NOW.

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