Godesburg’s Haven Investment Letter

Natural Gas Prices Pipelines

This is a Rare Buying Opportunity

Yesterday, I discussed my intentions to remain short on natural gas prices. However, there is one stock that has drawn my attention regardless of natural

Natural Gas

My Secret Weapon on Natural Gas

This has been a very profitable week. Not only am I steering clear of this volatility and sitting in cash, but I’ve also been recommending


Warning: The Markets are Going Lower

As you know, I turn to cash when the market momentum turns negative. That’s been a pretty boring few weeks from the sideline. But looking at

Finding the Perfect Stock

Here are December’s Perfect Stocks

Every month, I discuss market momentum and the most perfect stocks to start the month. However, December’s perfect stocks are quite unique. You see, market momentum

Dow Jones Cash

Beware the Rise of the Dow Jones

Did you hear? Did you hear? The Dow Jones added 236 points on Monday. Oh, happy day. The S&P 500 gained 1.3%. The NASDAQ added 1.88%.