Godesburg’s Haven Investment Letter

Burry Big Short

Christian Bale Says You Must Read This

Cash remains your best friend. Momentum remains red… Don’t trust the light buying. Protect your money. Wait for real support. Friday’s rally wasn’t real. And Monday featured

margin calls

How To Avoid A Margin Call

Once every two years or so, an event occurs which forces investors to close positions as quickly as possible. One such event led to a

biontech share

BioNTech Share Favorably Valued

Today we are talking about the Mainz-based biotech company BioNTech (BNTX). Similar to HelloFresh, this “fallen angel” is well worth a look. COVID-19 Vaccine Brings

American Airlines

Is American Airlines Going Bankrupt?

Cash remains your best friend. Momentum is red… You know that by now. Today, Apple (AAPL) dropped another 2.7%, and Tesla (TSLA) continued its charge

Bear Market

When a Bear Market Becomes Capitulation

Cash remains your best friend. Momentum is red. I hope you’ve been paying attention because I’ve been beating this message hard since January, especially since

market bottom

Where is the Bottom?

Momentum is still red… And that’s all you need to know. Don’t click that box just yet and count all your cash. There are signs that