Godesburg’s Haven Investment Letter

Shipping Stocks

Shipping Stocks… Out

Market momentum is yellow. We will likely start charging downward as our Bear rally came to a screeching halt on Thursday. Yesterday, JPMorgan took an

Franchise Group

We’re Laughing About This Now

Market momentum is green. We continue to look for strong opportunities in S&P 500 stocks in the energy, materials, and industrial space. However, be very

water stocks

Buy This Water Stock

Market momentum is green. Deploy capital in the sectors that are working: Energy, shipping, water, and other commodities essential to our life. My father is

trade in housing market

How to Trade This Housing Market

Market momentum is green… barely. Be very careful. Each month, I do a deep dive into a sector. I’ve been an editor at a trading

George Soros

George Soros Makes Headlines

These days, the World Economic Forum is taking place in the tranquil town of Davos. A man who is very well known in investor circles

trade yellow momentum

An Update on This Kohl’s Trade

Market momentum is yellow. The Federal Reserve will likely start its Quantitative Tightening program tomorrow. The central bank will begin selling bonds from its $9 trillion

June 2022 Perfect Stocks

June 2022 Perfect Stocks

Market momentum is green. If the market readings change, I’ll let you know right away. But for now, we’re looking for a quick one or