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OXY: The Only Energy Stock to Trust?

Market momentum is Red. However, on Thursday, we saw capital trickle into inflationary plays like utilities and real estate. So be patient as the markets

YouTube Shorts

“YouTube Shorts” Is Hotter Than Hot

Short, concise video snippets in almost incessant succession. That’s the principle behind TikTok. The video portal from the Chinese company ByteDance is the hit par

short squeeze

Who Was REALLY Buying Stocks Today?

Market momentum is Red. Cash remains your best option… today was all about short squeeze and extremely weak momentum. Only three companies hit new 52-week highs,


DocuSign Share Price Plummets By 25%

The growth momentum of the Corona-based DocuSign (DOCU) recently slowed down again and caught investors on the wrong foot. The Californian e-signature and document management

the next crisis

Where Is The Next Crisis?

Market momentum is Red. Despite the short-term rally after Jerome Powell’s meeting, it appears that the rally isn’t completely sustainable. Every sector remains under stress,

Rate Hike

So, This is Happening… Huh?

Market momentum is Red. Cash remains your best option as investors prepare for the FOMC announcement on Wednesday. That said, Tuesday again proved to be the

Sell These Stocks

Sell These Stocks RIGHT NOW

Market momentum is Red. We moved back to cash Friday morning, and this has been a blisteringly bad day for anyone who stuck around. The entire