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Finding Value Under Rocks

Momentum is Red. Markets continued to break down on Thursday after the Federal Reserve announced plans to raise interest rates to 3% and told investors

fed meeting

What I Told Laura Before the Fed Meeting

Momentum is Red. The central bank will raise interest rates by at least 75 basis points during its September meeting. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

fed squeeze

The Squeeze Is On – It’s Fed Time

Momentum is Red. With that said, I’ve moved to cash and taken a speculative long position on the SPY into Wednesday and stopped shorting the

the fed

Demand Destruction

Momentum is Red. Markets remain under pressure after Quad Witching. Markets remain very choppy after a day of wild swings and traders taking profits off

market bottom

Is a Bottom in the Distance?

Momentum is Red. The S&P 500 continues to bounce around that support level of 3,900, and we could see some fireworks during Quad Witching on

problem fed

The Problem With The Fed

Momentum is Red. The markets got a small bid today, but momentum turned red on Tuesday. Don’t be shocked if we see more volatility heading

negative momentum continues

Negative Momentum Continues

If you have kept up with my market outlook, you know that I said that the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) would approach that 415


Undervalued, Outperforming Banks

Market momentum is Green. Markets continue to push higher – as I predicted – thanks to an ongoing squeeze in stocks and an ongoing level

s&P 500 spy

SPY 400 – Do or Die

Momentum is Yellow. S&P 500 moved to positive territory for a short period, as 4,000 is the new resistance level. Buyers have tried to push